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Since 1997, Pro Prospects Training Center has helped our athletes reach their goals . . . ONE PLAYER AT A TIME. Our comprehensive player development program and level of attention to each student's athletic needs guarantees success. At Pro Prospects, we know that no two ballplayers are alike. That's why 95% of our instruction time is spent ONE-ON-ONE with our players. Also, our staff understands that each player has different strengths & challenges. We don't subscribe to a cookie-cutter teaching mentality. Rather, our curriculum is tailored to suit each ballplayer's natural ability and expands as he or she masters new skills.

    • Poor mechanics limit performance. Identifying these bad habits/performance-killers and learning proper muscle memory is crucial to a player's success. A few weeks of pre-season practice is seldom enough time to make the necessary adjustments.
    • We offer a comprehensive player development package designed to improve your game performance through innovative drills and proven teaching methods.

Our professional instructors guarantee player development by making learning fun and simple. When possible, we keep our players with the same instructor. This promotes communication between coach and player, and it enables us to become familiar with individual player habits and learning styles. Regular staff advisory meetings, assessments, videotape analysis and weekly progress journals help structure the individual guidance given to each player.
    • Pro Prospects is the missing link in your athletic development. Since 1997, more than 3,000 amateur and professional ballplayers throughout the country have benefited from our innovative teaching system and proven training methods.
    • Our programs include: position and skill-specific baseball & softball training, sport-specific strength & conditioning, mental & vision training, college recruiting services and travel clinics & summer camps (strict player-to-instructor ratio enforced).
    • Let Pro Prospects help you be your best.

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